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Boreland CC - Substitute Information

In the event of a member not being able to play in their designated game, then the rules for substitutions within all club competitions are given here

1. Substitutes should always be chosen from own rink first (if possible) – they may play in any position within rink, as decided by the skip

2. If necessary, substitutes from other rinks may be chosen, but they will play at Lead (1 substitute), Lead and Second (2 substitutes) or Lead, Second and Third (3 substitutes)

3. In order to maintain the balance of games as far as possible, substitutes from other rinks should, wherever possible, be of a SIMILAR SKILL LEVEL and not from the first person who responds to a blanket e-mail

4. Multiple substitutions in a rink will be agreed between the opposing AGM-appointed skips prior to the game or, failing that, the playing skips immediately before going onto the ice – common sense should always prevail to try to ensure a balanced game

5. Skips should NOT be substituted from other rinks – there might be a conflict of interest. However, and only if absolutely necessary, a skip may be a substitute for another rink, but must always play at LEAD

6. The player arranging the substitute MUST inform the skip of the change as early as possible and update Results Webpage to ensure 7 day/1 day reminder e-mails are received by the substitute.

7. In addition, there are slight modifications to Rule 2 above for the League Cup, Knock-out, Bill Kidd and Pairs Competitions. Please refer to the individual competition for these modifications.

Where there is an incomplete rink, the defaulting rink loses one shot for each five minutes that they are short of a player up to a maximum of six shots.

Please be aware that some members have chosen not to play in some competitions.

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