Dunfermline Athletic

The Club League

The Club League is the oldest and most prestigious competition within the club.

Original Trophy Competition:

Introduced for the 1985-1986 season, the original trophy was played for fifteen years before, in true Boreland style, it was mysteriously “lost” in 2000 - only re-appearing a few years later when a member cleared out their loft !

The description of the original trophy is below:

To view the winners of the League Competition from its inception to 2000, see below:

Dave Thomson Trophy Competition:

In the meantime, in memory of Dave Thomson, who died suddenly in 2002, his wife, Moyra, presented the Club with the “Dave Thomson Memorial Quaich” and the Committee decided to allocate it as the replacement League Trophy from 2000. It has been played for ever since.

The description of the new trophy is below:
To view the winners of the Dave Thomson League Competition from 2001 onwards, see below:

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