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Royal Caledonian Curling Club Competitions

As a member club of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Boreland chooses to enter some of the available competitions which are organised by the RCCC, as below.

The Grand Match

If the weather is cold enough to allow the water at the chosen location to freeze to an appropriate depth (c 8 inches!), the Royal Caledonian Curling Club organises a "Grand Match" between clubs representing the North of Scotland and South of Scotland. The match is held outside.

With global warming, it has not been possible for the match to be held for a number of years, but we always live in hope! The last Outdoor Grand Match was held in 1979 on the Lake of Mentieth, the year of Boreland`s formation.

Indoor Grand Match

Since 2000, an Indoor Grand Match has been held every five years. This is played between clubs from the North of Scotland (usually including Boreland) and those from the South of Scotland. In 2000, the Boreland Rink (Bill Linton, Bill Rennie, Ian Blair, Bob Anderson) beat Edinburgh Rotary 20 - 5.

The Club`s success has not been notable since then, but we can always hope for more success in the future!

NB: The Grand Match has also been played indoors five times between 1908 and 1914.

District Medal

Each season since 2014-2015, Boreland has entered a rink into the District Medal Competition (also called the Interclub Medal). This is a single match competition played against rinks selected by the RCCC and is played on an allocated home or away basis at the appropriate curling rink.

Boreland has had a mixed success in this competition, winning a "District Medal" for each victory achieved. Our history in this competition is in the table below:

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